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Sculpting Atmospheres, Defying Weather It ranks among the top choices with its more beautiful, more useful, and eye-catching visuality...

With the development of technology and design, instead of conventional awnings, those with a more beautiful, more functional, and attention-grabbing visual appeal are preferred, taking the top spot among choices. It is in demand as an outdoor roller blind for your spaces.

Thanks to the motorized zipper system in the mechanism, it provides protection against adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, wind, etc.).

The special micro-perforated fabric ensures air circulation inside with no sagging or distortion in the fabric due to its special side seams

Zip Curtain Usage Advantages

Fabric (Zip Curtain) provides 100% insect protection when fully closed, protecting against external pests. It ensures air circulation and provides protection against wind and rain, allowing year-round use. The sun-resistant fabric feature reduces glare and provides thermal comfort, with a fabric that allows seeing outside from inside while preventing visibility from the outside.

It is a secure and sturdy system that requires minimal maintenance. The Zip Screen's resistance to high winds is between 50-61 km/h (32-38 mph). According to data obtained by measuring the intensity of winds using the Beaufort scale, it provides resistance up to a speed of 118 km/h = 73 mph.

Zip System Profile Features

Aluminum profiles produced by extrusion method from 6XXX alloy, designed for architectural purposes on a global standard, are coated with anodizing in color or clear. The most commonly used alloy is 6063 or (AlMg0.7Si)-T5-F22.

Plastic Product Features

It has high mechanical strength, is resistant to friction, and withstands higher temperatures compared to other plastics.

Motor Features

ALTUS 50 RTS (Standard Multipurpose Motor) Ultrasonically welded zippers Zippers combined with advanced welding techniques ensure high resistance to tearing, breaking, and other deformations. It is resistant to weather conditions.